Porsche 991.2 Carrera 3.0T | mcchip-DKR Stage 3 Turbo Upgrade

mcchip-DKR is at it again in being the first to push new limits in Porsche tuning.  They are now the first to do a full turbo upgrade for the Porsche 991.2 Carrera 3.0T.


Our mcchip-DKR Stage 3 power upgrade for the Porsche 991. consists of the ECU tune and mcchip-DKR mc580 turbos.  On the dyno, it put down a staggering 575hp and 495ft lbs.


We have had incredible feedback and results with our varying Porsche 991.2 power upgrades.  We offer a whole suite consisting of ECU calibration, exhaust upgrades, and now turbo enhancements!  Feel free to contact us at sales@performanceeurowerks.com for any inquiries.

Porsche 991.2 Turbo S | mcchip-DKR Stage 2

mcchip-DKR continues to be the forefront of the ECU tuning industry.  Through them we are able to offer the highest tier ECU tuning strategies to the North American market.  The ECU in the whole Porsche 991.2 model line has not been an easy product to crack.  With a lot of time studying data, mcchip-DKR and ourselves are now able to offer a proper ECU tuning solution for the new Porsche 991.2 Turbo and Turbo S.

Stock, the Porsche 991.2 Turbo S put down roughly 580hp and 516ft lbs of torque.  After the baseline dyno measurements, the ECU is removed for bench reading and calibration.  This particular Porsche 991.2 Turbo S will be receiving the Stage 2 package.  Stage 2 consists of the Capristo exhaust and mcchipDKR ECU tune.

After the installation of the Capristo exhaust and refreshing the ECU with the mcchip-DKR Stage 2 Tune, the car was ready to get back on the dyno for new measurements of the gain in power and torque.

Huge power and torque gains to be had throughout majority of the power band.  Our mcchip-DKR Stage 2 setup puts the 991.2 Turbo S to a staggering 673hp and 638ft lbs of torque!  With a simple ECU tune and quick exhaust change, massive performance gains can be appreciated.

We're very excited to be one of the first in North America to tune these new machines.  Stay posted for development on the mcchip-DKR Stage 3 for all of the Porsche 991.2 models.

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BMW F87 M2 | mcpipes Downpipe

mcpipes was very quick to get to the drawing board in developing a proper free flowing downpipes for the BMW N55 motor used across so many platforms.  The BMW F87 M2 is a platform that we are so heavily focused on due to the pure balance that it has.  Small chassis that is very agile on track, yet carries a heavy torquey punch.  Many of our clients always inquire about a quality downpipe that will be resilient to long term track use, perfect fitment, and high performance.


In-house, mcpipes digitally scans the vehicle application and utilizes that data as a baseline to develop their free flowing product.  All of the flanges and fittings are CNC.  Everything is TIG-welded with high end stainless steel.

After prototyping is completed, test products are then installed to assure fitment.  Proceeding successful test fitting, power/torque measurements are made on the dyno to assure beneficial performance.  Like many of the products that we sell and install, we always do our best to do our own independent testing to inspire confidence in what our manufacturers offer.


On the dyno, at max values, we gained 14whp and 23wtq.  At 3000RPM, +20whp +35wtq. At 4500RPM, +32whp +28wtq. At 6500RPM, +10whp +9wtq.  All measurements were conducted on an otherwise 100% stock BMW M2.  Massive gains throughout the power band!

In addition to the big power gain, weight reduction is always another goal strived for.  Stock downpipe weighed in at 3.4kg (7.5lbs).  mcpipes dpwnpipe with 200cpsi cat is 3.05kg (6.7lbs).  mcpipes catless downpipe weighed 1.95kg (4.29lbs).


For a street and track proven downpipe, the mcpipes downpipe has truly been at the top of our choices.  We do our best to have these available for immediate shipping and delivery.  In addition to the hardware, we also have a software ECU tune from mcchip-DKR available.


MB AMG GT-S | mcchip-DKR Stage 1

Mercedes continued to evolve their AMG forced induction line with a new V8 twin turbo in the AMG GT-S.  Designed to be a Porsche fighter, the chassis is so nimble, yet carries big power delivery.  Since the advent of the MB AMG GT-S, mcchip-dkr wasted no time in developing an ECU tune to further enhance the power.


For a full ECU calibration, the factory unit needs to be removed and sent to us.  In-house we are able to access all of the digital contents of the ECU to manipulate for smooth and stronger power.  Fortunately, the ECU is very easy to access on the AMG GT-S.  Once out of the car, we mate it to our bench flasher so that mcchip-DKR can work their expertise.

On the dyno, this AMG GT-S put down roughly 510hp and 479 ft lbs.  With the mcchip-DKR Stage 1 tune, power and torque grew to 596hp and 570ft lbs.  We have calibrations for those with aftermarket downpipes and turbos as well!


BMW F82 M4 | mcchip-DKR Stage 1

This vivid Sakhir Orange BMW F82 M4 was in for a Stage 1 ECU tune from mcchip-DKR.  The S55B30 motor is strong right off the bat, but with a proper ECU calibration, a lot more potential can be unleashed.

The factory ECU has to be removed for it's initial flash, then the OBDII is unlocked for future convenient ECU flashes.  With all of our in-house tooling, we are able to safely open the ECU, program any mcchip-DKR calibration, then properly reseal.

Massive horsepower and torque can be gained from the Stage 1 ECU tune.  Stock, this F82 M4 put down 425hp and 395ft lbs on the Superflow dyno.  With the mcchip-DKR Stage 1 ECU tune, it measured in at 517hp and 493ft lbs.  +92hp and +98ft lbs with an ECU flash!

Power is gained throughout the whole power band with barely any fall off on the top end!  With downpipes, intake, and turbo upgrades, even more power can be had.