BMW F82 M4 | McChip-DKR Stage 1


This vivid Sakhir Orange BMW F82 M4 was in for a Stage 1 ECU tune from mcchip-DKR.  The S55B30 motor is strong right off the bat, but with a proper ECU calibration, a lot more potential can be unleashed.

The factory ECU has to be removed for it's initial flash, then the OBDII is unlocked for future convenient ECU flashes.  With all of our in-house tooling, we are able to safely open the ECU, program any mcchip-DKR calibration, then properly reseal.

Massive horsepower and torque can be gained from the Stage 1 ECU tune.  Stock, this F82 M4 put down 425hp and 395ft lbs on the Superflow dyno.  With the mcchip-DKR Stage 1 ECU tune, it measured in at 517hp and 493ft lbs.  +92hp and +98ft lbs with an ECU flash!

Power is gained throughout the whole power band with barely any fall off on the top end!  With downpipes, intake, and turbo upgrades, even more power can be had.

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