MB AMG GT-S | McChip-DKR Stage 1


Mercedes continued to evolve their AMG forced induction line with a new V8 twin turbo in the AMG GT-S.  Designed to be a Porsche fighter, the chassis is so nimble, yet carries big power delivery.  Since the advent of the MB AMG GT-S, mcchip-dkr wasted no time in developing an ECU tune to further enhance the power.


For a full ECU calibration, the factory unit needs to be removed and sent to us.  In-house we are able to access all of the digital contents of the ECU to manipulate for smooth and stronger power.  Fortunately, the ECU is very easy to access on the AMG GT-S.  Once out of the car, we mate it to our bench flasher so that mcchip-DKR can work their expertise.

On the dyno, this AMG GT-S put down roughly 510hp and 479 ft lbs.  With the mcchip-DKR Stage 1 tune, power and torque grew to 596hp and 570ft lbs.  We have calibrations for those with aftermarket downpipes and turbos as well!