BMW E46 M3

Eibach Pro Street S Coilovers


We have been doing a lot of testing on this coilover for some time now on our own E46 M3. We have spent a bit of time on the street of varying conditions and doing a bit of track testing. These coilovers are ride height adjustable, non-damping adjustable, and come complete as a full plug and play package. Eibach's stellar valving curve makes the coilovers soak up the bumps very smoothly and quickly without sacrificing street compliancy. It's springs are rated at 400# front and 450# rear, which may sound a bit soft for most. Despite that, with their high tier damper technology, the chassis is very well balanced and controlled for the rigors of the track. We have tested a lot of systems in this similar price range, some even higher, and not many come close to the all-around performance of this damper. There is quite a bit of ride height adjustability which can be a very crucial tool in adjusting chassis performance. They include main springs, helper springs, spring couplers, front spring adaptors, rear spring perch, front end links, and the dampers. They were initially designed to use all factory mounting hardware, but we can offer full suspension packages with upgraded camber/caster plates and rear shock mounts.

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