Eventuri VAI Carbon Fiber Intake - BMW E46 M3

Eventuri VAI Carbon Fiber Intake - BMW E46 M3

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The Design Brief: 
- Increases HP and Torque under full throttle
- Improves driving under partial load and throttle response
- Uses high quality engineered parts
- Is a fully engineered complete intake solution
- Adds to the driving experience with a purposeful induction note and no loss of low rpm smoothness
- Affordable
- Standalone upgrade which requires no tuning or MAF removal
The development of the S54 intake system started in early 2014 with preliminary tests carried out on 4 individual cars. Some cars were stock, others had performance parts fitted.
Our aim was to bring a high quality kit to the market with the REAL results. After many months of development we are happy to announce the Eventuri Intake System for the S54 engine which meets our design brief and provides genuine improvement not just in peak power but in throttle response and smoothness. 

The Eventuri Difference
The Eventuri system uses our unique Carbon fibre Housing which provides an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the MAF tube. Most intake systems use a cone filter with a type of shroud as a heat shield. Here the filter is doing the job of shaping the airflow to the MAF tube and this is where restrictions arise. In the Eventuri system, the filter is inverted and decoupled from the MAF tube - the carbon housing itself dictates the shape of the airflow by smoothly reducing in diameter from the filter to the MAF tube. Here - the entire carbon fibre housing is a Venturi where the airflow increases in velocity as the cross sectional area smoothly reduces. As this is essentially a large funnel - the airflow remains laminar and therefore minimises the drag of the system.
The result is an immediate improvement in throttle response, smoother power delivery and more power across the rpm range - not just at the peak. Furthermore - this intake releases the engine note for a more pronounced induction roar under full throttle. 

Each component is engineered for a purpose and to a very high standard. Each kit consists of:
- 100% Prepreg Carbon Fibre Intake Housing
- Aluminium inlet cowling
- High Flow Filter
- CNC Machined MAF tube
- 100% Prepreg Carbon Fibre Air Scoop
- 3 Aluminum heat shields with neoprene lining
- High quality Silicon coupler with BMW spec hose clamps
Made from 100% prepreg carbon fibre of the highest quality, the workmanship on the housing is second to none. This is mated to an anodised aluminum inlet cowl to ensure a smooth inlet flow path. Finally the assembly is then mated to an aluminium heat shield which effectively shrouds the intake from engine bay heat and encapsulates the ambient air being diverted from the scoop. Also notice the rubber spacer on the mount of the heat shield - this is for the headlight module to sit on so that it remains at the right height - small details are important!
The MAF tube is CNC machined from aluminum and then anodised. The MAF boss itself is machined from an engineering plastic to minimise the heat soak into the sensor through conduction. We have incorporated a machined recess on one side to allow the OEM rubber gasket from the stock airbox to be used for a perfect seal into the stock elbow. 
There are 3 aluminium heat shields, all with neoprene lining. The main shield is part of the intake assembly as above. There is then an extension shield which fits onto the main shield and blocks hot air from the radiator. The last shield secure to the chassis underneath the carbon housing to minimise direct heat soak from the block. We used neoprene to insulate the shields for optimum function in keeping IAT's as low as possible.

100% Prepreg carbon fibre with a CNC machined collar - the air scoop directs ambient air directly into the filter opening. This scoop simply clicks into place in the front right hand brake duct and effectively saturates the mouth of the intake with ambient air. It also allows airflow through the duct for the brakes. The scoop is so effective that even after a hard drive, the aluminium cowl at the mouth of the intake will still feel cold to touch!
This scoop is also a standalone part and can be used with any CSL style airbox or even the stock airbox to bring IAT's down faster.

Dyno Results
Power and torque are increased throughout the rev range and the power curve is even smoother than factory. This translates on the road to increased part throttle and full throttle response with the car pulling much more eagerly to the redline.


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