Eventuri VAI Carbon Fiber Intake - BMW E6X M5/6

Eventuri VAI Carbon Fiber Intake - BMW E6X M5/6



After 8 months of development and testing we are proud to now officially launch the Eventuri Intake System.

Development started from a desire to complete our tuning package which already consisted of our well known Evolve ECU Remap, Evolve Tubular Headers and Evolve Exhaust.

We wanted to design a system which gave a positive impact for the whole driving experience. By taking advantage of aerodynamic principles and using computational fluid dynamics to optimise the airflow, we have engineered an intake system which delivers on all fronts - sharpened throttle response, more torque, improving driveability and of course, increased power.

More power was required but not just at the peak rpm region which is used maybe 5% of the time. Too often we have tried and tested intake kits which seldom increase power and even if they do, it is at the detriment of the low to mid-range torque and throttle response.



The hardware consists of a combination of 79 individual high quality components including:

- Pre Preg Carbon Fibre Housings with Individually Serial Numbered Plaques

- CNC Hard Anodised Aluminium MAF housings

- CNC Machined Engineering Plastic MAF bosses

- CNC Machined Engineering Plastic Secondary Air Flow Breather Adapter

- Aluminium Hard Anodised Spun Cowls

- Laser Cut 3mm Brackets

- Laser Cut 2mm Neoprene lined OEM hose clamps

- Aluminium Powder Coated Upper Air Scoops

- Aluminium Powder Coated Lower Scoops

- Hose Clamps (BMW OEM Norma)

- High Quality Silicone Hoses

- OEM Quality Anti Vibration Mounts

- Stainless Steel M5 Cap Head Machine Screws and Washers

- High Flow Air Filters and Breather Filter

- Misc Brackets and Nuts


Engine Power



There were two main considerations to balance when designing the Eventuri VAi kit:



Inlet Air Temperature


The OEM intake assembly, being a sealed system is very efficient at keeping IATs close to ambient when the engine is under load – wide open throttle driving conditions. 


However, data logging clearly shows that under idle and slow speed driving conditions IATs will always be high for a sealed or open system. This is due to heat soaking of the intake assembly from engine heat as well as the recirculation of hot air from the breather system. 


To ensure the Evolve VAi open system came as close as possible to the OEM system, two pairs of air scoops and one pair of radiator deflector shields were engineered.


On road data logging clearly shows IAT's to be very close to ambient temperatures especially under full load and while the vehicle is in motion.



Conclusion of IAT and Air Flow


Increased Engine Performance


This is clearly apparent through the increase in power under both partial and full load engine conditions especially low-mid (1000-5000) RPM driving where the S85 suffers from inconsistent and weak power delivery

Dyno testing, where airflow is equivalent to road conditions confirms the above with increases of 10-15 horsepower (see figure 1.1)



Improved Drivability


A result of the Venturi effect is the improvement in air speed especially under transient throttle openings. The direct effect is improved throttle response which makes the engine feel more alive.

Enhanced Overall Driving Experience

The enhancement in driving experience comes not just from the improved throttle response and power but also from the by product of such a design – SOUND.

The carbon fibre housing coupled with the open design gives rise to a resonating and deep induction roar similar to that of a racing V10 engine. However, unlike a simple open cone filter, the Eventuri VAi’s produce a refined pulsing symphony under varying engine speeds and engine loads both inside and especially outside the car.

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