mcchipDKR mc600 Turbocharger - BMW F8X M3/4

mcchipDKR mc600 Turbocharger - BMW F8X M3/4


In addition to software development and software optimization, we also focus on comprehensive performance enhancements in our company. Together with our software optimization, mcchip-dkr turbocharger upgrades ensure a significant and lasting increase in the engine power of your vehicle. mcchip-dkr racing-turbochargers are dynamically balanced in several levels up to 250,000 rpm for optimum durability, performance and acoustics.

Through a great development effort and years of experience, we are able to perform any art of turbo and compressor transmissions.

mcchip-dkr hard facts

  • Turbocharger upgrade for power ratings up to 600 hp*
  • Optimized intake-/ and outlet side
  • Optimized clearance
  • Stronger bearings
  • Improved thermal
  • Higher capacity
  • More pressure resistant
  • More efficient turbine geometriy 


  • BMW 3er F80 - M3 / M3 Competition - 431 hp / 450 hp
  • BMW 4er F82 / F83 - M4 / M4 Competition - 431 hp / 450 hp
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