mcchip-DKR Stage 3 Package

mcchip-DKR Stage 3 Package


HP:  +100hp TQ:  +135tq

mcchip-DKR Stage 3 ECU Tune: $1750

mcchip-DKR Turbo Upgrade: $2750

mcpipes Downpipe: $700

Wagner Tuning Intercooler:  $690

mcchip-DKR has been developing the BMW M2 Stage 3 package for some time now.  With extensive testing on the street and on the race track, it is now one of the most proven and reliable ways to add an immense amount of power to the tiny pocket rocket, BMW M2!
With just a quick turbo, downpipe, and ecu tune upgrade, you can gain a powerful 100hp and 135tq!  The package was developed to drastically increase power throughout the whole power curve without sacrificing top end peak.  This equates to a proper power delivery for race track and street performance.
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