Evolve Automotive F10 M5 ECU Tune

Evolve Automotive F10 M5 ECU Tune

1,250.00 1,625.00


  • Additional 85-90 hp on a stock vehicle

  • Fully developed on dyno and road

  • Top speed limiter removal

  • Sharper throttle response and drivability

  • Dyno and road developed


  • Stage 1 Tune

  • Stage 2 Tune

  • Stage 3 Tune

  • Speed Limiter Removal

  • Cold Start Delete

  • Exhaust Burble

To get this software we now offer the Evolve-R remote tuning tool. The Evolve-R is the latest hardware release from Evolve, enabling customers to load our industry leading ECU software upgrade directly into their vehicles themselves, at home.

Already have other modifications? We have various stages available.

The Evolve-R software can be found HERE

Any modification to your vehicle has the potential to void your cars Manufactures Warranty. If in doubt, please check your terms & conditions before having the tune carried out.

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