Porsche 718 ECU Tune

Porsche 718 ECU Tune


718 Boxster/Cayman | +75hp +51tq
718 Boxster/Cayman S | +80hp +70tq
718 Boxster/Cayman GTS | +65hp +70tq

mcchip-DKR has been an internationally renown tuner in the automotive and motorsport industry for many years.  With an extremely experienced team, they have collectively developed some of the top tier software tunes on the market.  Having an in-house SuperFlow dyno, they are able to do a lot of testing on the dynamometer to assure consistent, reliable, and strong power.

For more information about mcchip-DKR, check out their website at www.mcchip-dkr.com.
For our latest blog posts regarding mcchip-DKR, check out our blog link at http://www.performanceeurowerks.com/blog.

We have the proper tuning solution for you and have the capability to offer a tune specifically catered to your set of modifications.  Please contact us at sales@performanceeurowerks.com for further questions.

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