mcpipes Downpipe - Audi TTRS (8S)

mcpipes Downpipe - Audi TTRS (8S)


Our ECU tuner, mcchip-DKR, found an avenue to continue progressing with the fast evolving automotive industry and supporting the forced induced vehicle application.  To truly free up horsepower and torque, producing freer flowing downpipes after the turbocharger is one of the best solutions.

mcpipes is the sister company of mcchip-DKR.  Taking their wealth of knowledge of ECU tuning and motorsports, they are able to design and manufacture high quality and effective products.  All of the downpipes are engineered and manufactured in Germany.

The downpipes are designed to be a plug and play solution that can be utilized with stock turbochargers and exhaust systems or many different aftermarket variants as well.

Applications are available in 200cpsi catalytic convertors, 100cpsi catalytic convertors, or catless for off-road use.

For all applications, we also have proven ECU tuning solutions available.

Please contact us at with any questions and inquiries.

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